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Cleaning Staff Procurement

Choosing the manpower to work in cleaning services presents challenges in many ways. You can get support from us for the recruitment of new employees or you can easily transfer your employees to our system.

Advantages of staff procurement:
  • You can determine the net or gross wages of employees.
  • You can choose your employees yourself or get support from us.
  • In addition, you can easily transfer your current employees to our system. In this way, we will assume the administrative responsibility of the employees transferred with all their rights.
  • In this system, you can reduce your staff in the human resources department.
  • Employer’s  liability insurances for the employee are made by us. Thus, it keeps you away from the burden of all kinds of compensation costs that the worker will open to the employer due to damages to the environment, accidents and other reasons (All kinds of safety measures in your workplace and the occupational health and safety required by applicable laws, provided that your workplace complies with the rules of work safety).
  • Apart from employer insurance costs, you can get rid of many costs such as employing disabled personnel, employing a physician, employer financial liability insurance, but all the payments you want to make to the personnel such as clothing, food, transportation costs and other payments may be included in our offer.
  • When you examine the cost of our system by considering the benefits we have counted, your personnel costs will be far below the current situation in the short, medium and long term. Cleantech Facility Services offers you professional advantages in providing personnel. You can reach detailed information about our Cleaning Staff Procurement service by contacting us.